A very easy way to interpret cadastral maps

Here’s how to generally view a Cadastral Map.

Cadastral maps are maps that provide information on land ownership, boundaries, and real estate subdivisions, and are used for a variety of purposes, including real estate transactions, land management, and urban planning.

Get the map

To obtain a Cadastral map, you can contact your local government or relevant department, or check online map services or real estate websites. 지적도무료열람

map selection

Select the Cadastral map for the desired region. These maps usually cover specific cities or regions, so you’ll need to find the location you’re looking for.

map decoding

Cadastral maps typically provide lines showing land and property boundaries and other information. You need to understand and decipher the following key points:


Lines are marked indicating the boundaries of the property. These lines indicate land boundaries and help determine the size and shape of the property.

district division

Each district (parcel) represents a specific property or portion of land and provides information related to the property owner. Each parcel is labeled with information such as a serial number or the owner’s name.

Other information

Cadastral maps may also include additional information about a property. This information may include the property’s use, address, tax information, building location, and more.

Comparison with the actual map

By looking at the Cadastral map you can compare it with the reality of the area. Make sure the boundaries or divisions on the map match the local terrain and that the information on the map is updated.

Expert consultation

If necessary, you can ask for help from a real estate or cadastral information expert. Professional advice can be especially useful when making important decisions related to real estate transactions or land development.

Deciphering the Cadastral Map is very important when making important decisions related to real estate transactions, land development, home purchasing, etc. Therefore, we recommend that you review the maps carefully and seek professional help if necessary.